You can't find anybody in Washington that doesn't like Katy. That's nearly impossible to do. I can say that
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Adam Levine

was not the case for me. Everybody calls her and she takes everyone's call. I don't know how she does it. She figured a way to pack more hours into the day.”
Adam Levine on Katy Perry

Early Life



  • in 2014, Levine was rumored to collaborating with Katy Perry alongside artist Sia on an upcoming demo called "Elastic Heart". Despite such rumors, he clarified to the media that although he was open to collaboration with the musician, he admitted that such matter wouldn't be happening currently due to the singer and his band Maroon 5 as well as Katy Perry both working on their following albums at the time quoting "She's very busy. I'm very busy with my band. But yeah, a collaboration would be cool at some time in the future." Coincidentally, Sia's single of her own "Elastic Heart" was released that same year to the motion picture film, "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire"