Katy Perry
Written by Katy Perry

"Bad Photographs" is a song written by Katy Perry for her fourth studio album, PRISM. Perry revealed the title of the song and a few lines from the lyrics in an interview for her first Vogue cover. The song was ultimately left unfinished and redone into "Miss You More" from the album Witness.


In her June 2013 interview with Vicki Woods from Vogue magazine, Katy discussed the song, saying "This is like its rawest form, and I titled it 'Bad Photographs' because the idea is that when people are in a relationship they only take photographs when they are happy, and sometimes when it ends you realize maybe it would be important to take photographs when it’s not happy. So I have this idea—". A sample of the song is then played for Woods.

On September 10, 2016 during a Q&A with fans on Twitter a fan tweeted Perry to leak the song. She responded to the tweet saying "never finished it :-/" thus concluding the reason the song was never mentioned again after the Vogue interview, nor was ever registered, was due to incompletion. In June 2017 during her live stream, Katy Perry Live: Witness World Wide, Perry confirmed that the song turned into "Miss You More", which is included in the album Witness.


Looking back we should have taken photographs
Of all the unhappiness
'Cause now my mind’s playing tricks on me
I forget we are not meant to be


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