The Katy Perry Doll is the first official doll of Katy Perry. It was designed by Jason Wu and was sold by Integrity Toys, a New York based toy maker. Only 500 of the dolls were made, 150 of them were roughly distributed within the record industry to tastemakers, media and other interested parties. They retailed for $49.99 each and were only offered for a limited time. During the summer of 2009, Katy had a sweepstakes on her MySpace page where the winner gets a doll. The figure is 12 inches high and sports an outfit similar to the one worn in the music video for "I Kissed a Girl". The doll is also similar to the doll used in the music video for "Ur So Gay". Perry talked about the doll on the Australian talk show, ROVE, in August 2009:

About a year ago, somebody wanted to make me into a doll and they made 500 of them, 'cause I happen to use they're dolls in my "Ur So Gay" video. And, so they made me into a doll. I have one at home and I don't put any clothes on her and I just keep her on the mantel piece naked for everybody that comes by.

—Katy Perry


In 2011 Mattel, the toy-company responsible for Barbie dolls, decided to manufacture a new doll after Katy Perry. Upon hearing the news Perry was delighted. The one-of-a-kind doll featured 70 hand-painted, mini novelty cupcakes, a 'candy-colored glitter-kissed bodice' and fishnet stockings dotted with 'shimmering Swarovski crystals'. The doll even featured hand-painted replicas of Perry's tattoos. The doll's wardrobe is inspired by Katy Perry's cupcake dress which she uses during her California Dreams Tour. Along with the doll came a certificate of authenticity and a display case for the collectible doll.[1] It was auctioned off for charity on with proceeds benefiting "Project Angel Food", a non-profit organization that provides daily meals for people "homebound or disabled by HIV/AIDS and other serious illnesses".[2] The estimated value of the doll is $15,000.00.