Katy Hudson - Search Me
Katy Hudson
Written by Katy Hudson
Produced by David Browning

"Last Call" is a song written by Katy Perry (then Katy Hudson) for her self-titled debut album, Katy Hudson. The song was serviced to radios along with "Search Me" on a CD for promotional purposes only.


Hudson explained the meaning of the song on her site in 2001.

"The title practically explains everything. I was reading the book called "Last Call For Help" by Dawson McAllister and my dad came home one day and said I was supposed to write a song about someone's "Last Call." He didn't even know I was reading that book. I was thinking of all the stories in the book of how the kids were desperate for help and had tried so many areas. I wanted to do my own hotline so I used the number of the church my dad pastors, 899-3833. I made the character realize that this phone call to God for help was the best one he ever made."


Hello hello
I'm searching for a man
With love filled eyes and them healing hands
Hello hello
I've been waiting for so long
Don't disconnect me cause it's my last call

For help
Yeah help
For help

Cause it's 8-9-9-3-8-3-3
Come on and listen to me
Take my call collect my change
Cause Lord I'm calling on Your name

Don't wanna leave
Don't wanna say goodbye
Still fifteen minutes for my thirty-five
And where's this good in good-bye?
Cause talking to you is bringing me

This life
Yeah life
This life

This is my last call


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