Released November 17, 2009
Length 00:29:36 (EP)
00:45:00 (DVD)
Label CapitolLabel
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MTV Unplugged is the first live album by Katy Perry and was released by Capitol Records on November 17, 2009 in the United States. The CD/DVD comprises stripped-down songs performed by Perry for MTV on July 22, 2009 in New York City as part of the MTV Unplugged series. The album features rearranged takes on hit songs like "I Kissed a Girl", "Waking Up in Vegas", and "Thinking of You" as well as two brand-new songs, Perry's version of Fountains of Wayne's "Hackensack" and a previously unreleased song titled "Brick by Brick", rumored to be originally written for Ashley Tisdale. The DVD also features exclusive interview footage. In Brazil, unlike the US, it was released in DVD/CD format instead of CD/DVD format.


In 2009 MTV decided to relaunch its Unplugged music performance series with series of exclusive monthly performances, including Katy Perry. [1] After releasing her breakthrough album, One of the Boys, Perry felt that MTV Unplugged is the perfect medium for her to show off who she really is as an artist and share the stories behind her songs with an audience.[2]

Perry thought that it would be a great opportunity to showcase herself as an artist, as well as expressing the true meaning of her songs. She stated: "I really wanted to do MTV Unplugged, obviously, because it has such a great history of showing off really who the person is ... You get to hear the real story of the songs, which is important to me". The audience for the program was selected on a contest where fans over the age of 18 could send photos and explain why they were fans of Perry. The episode featuring Perry was recorded on July 22, 2009. For the recording, Perry was dressed in a pale pink chiffon evening gown, with flowers in her hair. She further said: "Some people have an idea who I am, a little piece of the cake, but I get to show off really more. I have a larger-than-life personality and my clothes reflect that. For MTV Unplugged, I wanted to be a mixture of Stevie Nicks and a fairy!".

MTV Unplugged consists of two discs. The first, which is a Compact Disc, contains acoustic renditions of her songs "I Kissed a Girl", "Ur So Gay", "Thinking of You", "Waking Up in Vegas", and "Lost" from One of the Boys, a cover version of a song by American power pop band Fountains of Wayne, "Hackensack", and a new song titled "Brick by Brick". Perry explained why she sang it during MTV Unplugged, saying that she related to the lyrics of "having a loyal lover [or] friend back home when she's on the road", though, directly, the song does not narrate any event of Perry's life. The versions performed incorporate lighter genres than pop rock, which is embraced in One of the Boys, like jazz and lounge music, particularly in "I Kissed a Girl". The second disc is a DVD, containing the video recording of the performance, recorded at NEP Midtown Studios, located in New York City. Aside from the live performance, it also contains an interview with the singer.


Perry's performance was recorded on June 22, in New York City.[3] The audience consisted fans who were selected by a competition for the show. Contestans had to send an email and tell why they are big fans of Perry.[4] Perry performed six songs, including a remixed cabaret version of "I Kissed a Girl"[5] Perry had to do certain retakes just in case the second take was better.[6][7] The intro also had to be redone again in the end because apparently it didn't tape the first time.[8] There was a lot of banter in between takes.[9] Perry started singing Michael Jackson, Total Eclipse and Tenderoni through assorted points of the time.[10] One of the performed songs, Ur So Gay was dedicated to one of her friends in the audience, Markus Molinari, who responded by shouting out, I'M NOT GAY![11] She kept joking joking about that Molinari has in the remainder of her hair extensions and how much Mia Moretti (also in the audience) eats.[12][13] She was wearing a purple and white flowy gown that she referred to as her fairy dress.[14] After 5 songs she asked the audience whether she should perform "I Think I'm Ready" or "Brick by Brick" as the closing number.[15], although she hesitated about performing "Brick By Brick" because her management might not approve the song.[16]


Months before the release of the album, it was advertised on Katy Perry's website's homepage. A contest was held and the winner won a autographed signed copy of the album. When the album released, the performances were shown as a part of MTV AM.

Track list

Disc One (CD)
# track list LENGTH
1. "I Kissed a Girl"   4:12
2. "Ur So Gay"   4:26
3. "Hackensack"   3:04
4. "Thinking of You"   4:41
5. "Lost"   5:01
6. "Waking Up in Vegas"   3:33
7. "Brick by Brick"   4:39
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Disc Two (DVD)
# track list LENGTH
1. "I Kissed a Girl" (Live performance) 4:12
2. "Ur So Gay" (Live performance) 4:26
3. "Hackensack" (Live performance) 3:04
4. "Thinking of You" (Live performance) 4:41
5. "Lost" (Live performance) 5:01
6. "Waking Up in Vegas" (Live performance) 3:33
7. "Interview"   8:00
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The MTV Unplugged Booklet can be found with the physical release of the album.


  • Band:
    • Katy Perry: Vocals, Guitar
    • Adam Marcello: Musical Director, Drums, Vocals
    • Patrick Matera Guitar, Vocals
    • Joshua Moreau: Bass
    • Korel Tunador: Guitar, Piano, Wurlitzer, Pump Organ, Toy Piano, Saxophone, Bells, Finger Cymbals, Vocals
  • Strings:
    • Daniel Cho: Cello
    • Surai Nesrine Baleisi: Viola
    • Kishibashi: Violin
    • Beth Meyers: Violin
    • Deborah Lurie arrangement on Thinking of You
    • Daniel Cho arrangement on Hackensack
    • Chris Garcia additional vocal production
  • Horns:
    • David Luther: Tenor Sax, Wurlitzer
    • Kenny Rampton: Trumpet
  • Crew:
    • Julia Ervin: Tour Manager
    • Fern Alvarez: Production Manager
    • Kim Hilton: Tour Coordinator
    • Angela Hudson: Tour Assistant
    • Bobby Sepulveda: Stage Manager
    • Ryan Johnson: Monitor Engineer
    • Steve Luna: Guitar Tech
    • Todd Delano: Make-Up
    • Aaron Light: Hair
    • Johny Wujek: Stylish
    • Josh Leibman: Stylish Assistant
  • Capitol Music:
    • Wanda Coriano: Senior Director. Video Promotion
    • Greg Thompson: Executive Vice President, Marketing & Promotion
    • Bob Semanovich: Senior Vice President, Marketing
    • Matt Krdepel: Artist Apperances
    • Chris Anokute: Senior Director, A&R
    • Rob Stevenson: President of A&R, North America Labels
    • Angelica Lockwood; Senior Vice President, Video Production
    • Colin Wyatt: Manager, Video Production
    • Ronette Bowie: Senior Director, A&R Admin EMI North America
  • Direct Management Group:
    • Bradford Cpbb, Martin Kirkup, Steven Jensen, Ngoc Hoang
  • MTV:
    • Amy Doyle: Executive Vice President, Music & Talent
    • Joanna Bomberg: Senior Vice President
    • Colin Helms: Vice President, MTV Digital
    • Angela Marchuca: Director, Video Production MTV Digital
    • Lisa Lauricella: Manager, Music & Talent
  • Space Station Media:
    • Matthew C. Mills: Executive Producer/Director
    • Jesse Grodon: Editor
    • Brian Tischer: Production Manager
    • Kyle Williams: Asspciate Producer
    • Vaughn Kawczynski: Production Desinger
    • Chris Landy: Lighting Designer
  • Created:
    • Jim Burns and Robert Small


Charts (2009) Peak
French Albums Chart 192
Swiss Albums Chart 82
U.S. Billboard 200 168


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