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Royal Revolution


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May 2014 (U.S.)
July 2014 (worldwide)


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Killer Queen's Royal Revolution

Royal Revolution (also stylized as Killer Queen's Royal Revolution) is the second limited-edition version of Killer Queen, created as a collaboration between Katy Perry and Coty Inc. It was released in May 2014 in the United States, while the worldwide release was in July 2014. The perfume comes in a blue box decorated with various white decals, a large golden crest displaying the title of the perfume and Perry's name, a smaller version of the crest with Perry's initials, and a large white "R" with a crown overtop printed on the sides.

Conception and background

On May 30, 2014, Marsha Brooks (the vice president of global marketing for Coty Beauty Fragrances) stated in an interview with Women's Wear Daily that Royal Revolution is "about female empowerment and breaking the rules".[1] The perfume was "inspired by the beauty of blue diamond" and is described as an "irresistible floral fragrance that's as beautiful as it is bold, as royal as it is rebellious".[2][3]

Scent and packaging

Royal Revolution was created as a limited-edition variation of Killer Queen in collaboration with Coty Inc. in 2014. Its top notes include pink freesia and red pomegranate. The middle notes contain sandalwood, orange flower, and jasmine petals. The base contains "mystical" blackthorn and vanilla orchid.[4] The fragrance comes in a blue, gem-shaped bottle with a silver lid resembling a crown, with a crest on top.

Release and promotion

Royal Revolution was released in May 2014 in the United States, followed by a worldwide release in July 2014. It is available as a 15, 30, 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum, and body lotion and shower gel are also available. In the official promotional picture of Royal Revolution, Perry is shown wearing a navy blue and gold military uniform-inspired outfit with a black feather headpiece. She is holding a fencing rapier while posed next to a knight dressed in armor, while the perfume's tagline, title, and bottle are displayed on the other side of her.

Promotional video

The two-minute promotional video for the perfume was released in early July 2014. It featured a cartoon version of Perry as a "masked heroine infiltrat[ing] a castle to rescue a group of first-born daughters", as she "knock[s] out her would-be captors with a quick spray of perfume...sav[ing] herself and the other first-born daughters".[5]

Promotional EP

A limited-edition EP was also released with the perfume, which included remixes of tracks from Perry's album Prism. The EP was released as a CD which, when inserted to a computer, directs you to a site from which fans could download the remixes. All files are MP3 data files. The EP's cover art is the promotional image for the perfume and the CD features an image of the perfume bottle.

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1. Roar (Johnson Somerset Remix) 8:48
2. Birthday (Craig Welsh Pop Bootleg Mix) 7:07
3. Dark Horse (Goldhouse Radio Mix) 4:30
4. Walking On Air (Stopme Walker Mix) 5:45
5. It Takes Two (Craig Vanity VS Tommy Trash Extended) 4:45


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