Super Bowl XLIV Halftime Show
SB49 Pepsi Halftime Logo
Official Super Bowl XLIV Halftime Show logo
Vital statistics
Participants Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz, and Missy Elliot
Date February 1, 2015
Location Gendale, Arizona

The Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show was a performance headlined by Katy Perry during the 49th Super Bowl football game on February 1, 2015. The show attracted 118.5 million viewers, which makes Perry's concert the most-viewed Superbowl halftime show ever. The show was sponsored by Pepsi.

Concert synopsis

The camera first gave viewers a bird's-eye perspective of the field, which was shaped like a Pepsi logo. Katy then entered the field on a massive mechanical tiger. She introduced the show, and then proceeded to perform the song "Roar" as she rode the lion to the center of the field. The lights matched the beat of the song, and Katy was wearing an orange dress covered in flames.

After arriving at the center of the field, Katy got off of the lion and stepped on the field as the breakdown of "Dark Horse" started playing. She then stepped onto a 3D rendering of a chess board, where players dressed like chess pieces danced around her. She then sang the first verse of "Dark Horse" as the chess board appeared to tilt with the dancers. As she sang the chorus, Katy stood at the center of the field, and the chess board transformed into a tornado. As each square of the chess board fell into the storm, the dancers flocked to Perry.

Once she finished "Dark Horse" Lenny Kravitz joined Katy Perry on an adjacent stage. They performed "I Kissed a Girl" while Kravitz played the guitar and Katy danced against him. Fiery explosions went off when they finished singing the song.

The stage then transformed into a beach setting. Katy changed into a striped bra and matching skirt, and then performed a medley of "Teenage Dream" and "California Gurls" while inflatable beach balls, palm trees, and two people in shark costumes danced behind her. After this, Missy Elliot came out and performed a melody of "Get Ur Freak On," "Lose Control," and "Work It" while Katy danced beside her. Katy was wearing a custom Super Bowl 49 football jersey.

For the finale of the show, Katy undertook a fourth wardrobe change. She wore a silver dress, and stood on a platform attached to a flying shooting star. She performed "Firework" as fireworks went off over the football stadium.

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