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shoutwiki has monaco skin and then arent going to flood your wiki with ads like wikia

Who Wants To Help Me?!!!!!!

Well I Looked at The One That Got Away 20 Minute Filming online and found that she said..


"I think we're in Topenga Canyon but yesterday I was in Buenos Aires so I really don't know anymore." - Katy Perry

I heard that and decided to look up the pinpoint where Katy shot the video so I could visit it on my trip being planned to LA where I want to hit most of the video filming spots of celebrities I like.

1:56 "We are by Mullholland Drive"

Thankfully we have the Topenga Canyon info because Mullholland Drive spreads through alot of the Santa Monica Mountains.

Katy Perry is one of my inspirations. She sets new fashion ideas. exotic. shes different.i like different. i hope she will continue to entertain me. i luv katy perry.

Permission to Edit

Why can users not edit the main page? It definitely needs updates. If unlocked (at least to users), I'd be more than happy to make the updates myself. MrDude1993 (talk) 13:31, June 27, 2013 (UTC)

The main reason being the amount of random edits. The main page on any wikia holds the job of appealing the viewer, and has also become the page to vandalize by non-fans. Usually main page editing is restricted for more experienced users, but if you have edits you'd like to enter, I can lift the protection temporarily.
hEyyy XxMjF 11:14, June 29, 2013 (UTC)

Guys i need help with my assigment i need to no why katy perry sings pop music ? can anyone help me :)

I don't know why she sings it but I know how she started singing pop music. At first she was singing Christian muisc for a while (Because she wasn't really allowed to listen to pop/rock music untill the age of around 15!) But one day she was over at a friends house and she played a song (I can't remeber the name or singer sorry!) and that made katy want to sing about everything she was going through as a young womman. Hope I helped... kind, of....

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