Trust in me
Katy Hudson
Written by Katy Hudson
Mark Dickson
Produced by Otto Price
Length 4:46
from the album Katy hudson font
Singles "Trust in Me"
"Search Me"

"Trust in Me" is a song written by Katy Perry (then Katy Hudson) and Mark Dickson for her debut gospel album, Katy Hudson. The song served as the lead single from the album. A demo version of this song is known to exist entitled "Don't Worry".[1]


On Hudson's old website, she explained the story behind the song, saying:

"This was my first try at songwriting. I was feeling a little depressed at the time, and was thinking about all the things I'd done wrong. I felt like I was oil and God was water, and I just wouldn't mix. I started writing about this and God placed a peace in my heart. I really felt He was saying, 'Don't worry child, trust in me.' I just had to open my heart to the healing process. It's funny how sometimes we think that we can be so horrible that God would turn His back to His own. I guess we will never really understand His mercy until we see His Glory."

Promotional release

"Trust in Me" is the lead single from the album, Katy Hudson. The album was released on cassette on February 8, 2001. It was sent to radio stations and included different edits. The single, along with the album, stopped production due to the folding of Red Hill Records.

Physical release

United States

Trust in me
LABEL Red Hill Records
RELEASED February 8, 2001
FORMAT Jewel-case
Cover photo by
Kristen Barlowe

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# Track list LENGTH
1. "Trust in Me" (CHR Radio Edit Light Mix) (Takeover) 7:28
2. "Trust in Me" (CHR Radio Edit Light Mix) (No Takeover) 7:28
3. "Trust in Me" (CHR Radio Edit Hanover Mix) (Takeover) 7:27
4. "Trust in Me" (CHR Radio Edit Hanover Mix) (No Takeover) 7:29
5. "Trust in Me" (CHR & Rock Radio Edit) (Album version) 2:53
6. "Trust in Me" (Album version) 4:45
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How could I see you when I was so blind
How could I grasp you when I was far behind
How could I hear you when I was so deaf
How could I get up when I had been left

But You said, "don’t worry"
For I’ve healed the blind man
And I’ve set the captives free
And You said, "don’t worry"
For all you’ve gotta do
Is put your trust in Me

How could I be clean when I was so dirty
How could I be made whole when I was torn apart
Make me whole, make me whole
Make me whole again


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