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  • 27finnsprincess

    hey...a very angry 27finsprincess here from Aventure Time wiki,

    okay so there has literally been a WAR, between Adventure Time...which Adventure Time wiki website is based on...and MLP, which doesn't have anything to do with AT...and there are more ponies and pony talk then AT?? I respect that they llike, or love (which everyone does LOVE) MLP, but people are now saying a show about pony friendships is better and more popular then the awesome and epic adventures of an adorable kid and his strechy dog with his crazy, magical friends. I mean isn't this show why we are all there beacuse of AT??? THIS ENDS HERE!!! If MLP is more popular then AT, then I will scream and hide myself in a closet forever, which it may be because almost all of the u…

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