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Warped Tour 08

The tour poster

Warped Tour 2008 is the 2008 installment of the annual Summer Warped Tour music festival. Vans shoes is the primary sponsor and AT&T helped power the tour. The tour traveled all over the United States.

Concert synopsis

Katy Perry played in the Warped Tour and was part of the stage. She played a 6-song set list. She would talk to her audience and introduce songs before performing them. She played the guitar for certain songs. For "I Kissed a Girl" she would get close to the crowd.

Typical Set List

  1. Barracuda Intro/"Fingerprints"
  2. "One of the Boys"
  3. "If You Can Afford Me"
  4. "Hot N Cold"
  5. "Ur So Gay"
  6. "Waking Up in Vegas"
  7. "I Kissed a Girl"